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Mexico bij je thuis of in je zaak.

Steakhouse Cowboy Up is meer dan alleen goede steaks en Mexicaanse gerechten!

Mexicaanse gerechten en ingredienten.

We brengen nu ook de mogelijkheid om online onze producten te bestellen voor profesionelen en particulieren.

Cowboy Up shop vindt je ook terug op deze gedeelde website.


Mexico at home or business.

Mexican dishes, sauces, salsa's, tortilla's, chips, pre made dishes

We bring you a selection of goods and products. Ready to be ordered for home or for professionals.

You can find Cowboy Up Shop on this shared website too.


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What to find at Mexicanfoodshop.be is all Mexican ingredients we use in our kitchen like salsa's, hot sauces, tortilla's, chips, seasoning,...

We give you the opportunity to choose from our ingredients list and ready homemade dishes, Mexican food!

You can find videos how it is made at our Youtube channel below!